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Custom Websites

I build custom websites from the ground up. The Process starts with a simple conversation. I’ll get a general idea of what you want and give you a price quote. The cost varies greatly depending on the complexity of your website. There will be an initial development fee, then a monthly or yearly hosting fee.

Color Mixer

Use this to get the exact color you want for every aspect of your website. See below for tips on how to use.

Color strip size:

The three primary colors for mixing light are: red, green and blue. For colors on web pages, we use the numbers 0 - 255 to indicate how much each of the primary colors are present. Try moving any of the sliders and note the change in the corresponding value in the box to the left of the slider. As you read on, click the highlighted colors to see the color mixer changes. Black is the absence of color, so pure black has Red:0, Green:0, Blue:0. White is a mix of every color, so pure white has Red:255, Green:255, Blue:255. Shades of pure gray are all equal primary colors between black and white. Lighter grays have higher numbers, darker grays have lower numbers. Red, green and blue have each respective color at 255, with the others at 0. To make any of them darker, just lower the color. Try it! A good place to start for purple is at Red:130, Green:0, Blue:130. While putting red and blue all the way up to 255 is more of a neon purple. Yellow has Red:255, Green:255, Blue:0. For lighter yellows, raise the blue. For shades of orange, try starting at Red:255, Green:165, Blue:0 and make adjustments from there. For shades of brown, start at Red:160, Green:98, Blue:40. This system provides over 16.7 million collors. Happy color mixing!


Below are the most common web fonts. Click them to change this text for a sample. Try them at different sizes, weights and colors as well. For something more unique, go to to browse a list of over 1000 fonts, I'll just need the name(s) of the font(s) you want to use. Note: Some devices will display similar fonts the same.




Times New Roman



Courier New

Font Size: 18px
Font Size: 22px
Font Weight: